The requirements to be knighted a Templar are numerous and weighty. In the State of Indiana, you must be a Cryptic Mason in good standing, profess a belief in the Christian religion and be willing to defend the Holy Christian Bible.

The Knights Templar is descended from the ancient Poor Fellowsoldiers of the Temple of Solomon who protected the pilgrims on the road to Jerusalem. The Templars are believed to have begun on of the first seagoing trading routes and flew the Skull and Crossbones as their seagoing flag (long before that symbolized piracy). The fascinating history behind the Templars spans 7 centuries of history stretching from the crusades until the present time.

Many myths and superstitions are based around the Templars, the most interesting and perhaps most widespread is the legend of Friday the 13th is said to have been traced to October 13, 1307 when a surprise order, conjured up by the King of France, simultaneously captured most Templars in a daring morning raid. This raid stretched across France and neighboring countries capturing almost all Templars. Those that escaped capture, went underground and found a home in Freemasonry.

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It is interesting to note that the young men’s (<18 years old) group within the Masonic Fraternity (De Molay) is named after the last Grand Master of the Templar's, Jacques De Molay.
The Commandary confers three orders:

  1. Illustrious Order of the Red Cross
  2. Order of Malta
  3. Order of the Temple

At the conclusion of the Order of the Temple, a companion is Knighted and then addressed as Sir Knight.

It is also interesting to note that anciently, the 18th degree in the Northern Jurisdiction of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, the Rose Croix degree, was originally a York Rite degree and part of the Commandary orders.
The Commandary’s stated meeting is the first Monday of the Month and meets with the other two bodies of the York Rite in Valparaiso, the Chapter and Council.

The philanthropical workings of the Templars benefit the Knights Templar Eye Foundation.

All Commandary’s in the State of Indiana report to the Grand Commandary of Indiana, who in turn is under the jurisdiction of the Grand Encampment of the United States.

All State Bodies are under the jurisdiction of the Grand Encampment of the United States.
The Knights Templar is the only Uniformed Body of the Freemasons. There is no requirement for a member of the Commandary to wear this uniform; however, to participate in parades, certain rituals, etc. there is a need. Another interesting fact is the Templars, in full uniform, participate in the 32° in the Scottish Rite.

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