This article aims to provide you with a brief introduction to Freemasonry and its central institution, the "Blue" Lodge, or Symbolic Lodge, as it is more appropriately known. Every man's journey into Freemasonry commences within a Symbolic Lodge, where he undergoes the initial three Degrees in Masonry. These Degrees are commonly referred to as the Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason Degrees, or simply the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Degrees. Our Degrees are characterized by profound rituals and symbolism, designed to awaken a higher ideal within one's consciousness.


Freemasonry is an exclusive and private organization, not accessible to the general public but rather to individuals who share similar persuasions and ideals. While each person is unique, a common belief in the Brotherhood of humanity and a higher power, whom we in Masonry refer to as the Supreme Architect of the Universe, unites us. The fundamental principles of Masonry are Brotherhood, Relief, and Truth. We embrace the notion that all individuals are equal, irrespective of their material wealth, social status, race or creed and we strive to alleviate the suffering and troubles of our fellow human beings, regardless of their affiliation with the Fraternity.

Masonic Lodges, also known as "Blue" Lodges, serve as meeting places for Freemasons. These Blue Lodges can be found in numerous towns and cities worldwide. Local Blue Lodges are organized under a governing body called the Grand Lodge. Each state or jurisdiction has its own Grand Lodge, which oversees the activities of all Blue Lodges within its territory. To join a Blue Lodge, one typically interacts with a member from the desired Lodge, who acts as a guide throughout the membership and initiation process. Prior to becoming a Freemason, an individual must receive recommendations from two Brothers and undergo a thorough investigation by the Lodge's Committee to ensure their good character.

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