It was on April 2, 1948, that Gary Lodge No. 677, Roosevelt Lodge No. 716, and the Gary Masonic Temple Association met to discuss the formation of a third Masonic Lodge in Gary, destined later to be located in the Glen Park neighborhood.

On April 5 and 6, 1948, Gary Lodge and Roosevelt Lodge bodies, meeting in separate sessions, approved a resolution for the formation of the new Lodge. On November 8, 1948, the Most Worshipful Grand Master of the State of Indiana, Carl L. Hibberd, issued a dispensation authorizing the establishment of Glen Park Lodge U.D. (Under Dispensation). This new Lodge was to meet in the Red Room of the Gary Masonic Temple at 6th and Madison Street, and because its members were to be from the Glen Park area of Gary, it was so named.

On November 15, 1948 Glen Park Lodge U.D. began its work, with 28 Charter members. Memberships in the new Lodge were to come from the sojourners in the area, together with petitions for transfers and demits from other Lodges. At the first stated meeting held on December 6, 1948, there were a total of seven petitions for the degrees of Masonry and 21 petitions for affiliation through transfers or demits.

The first corps of officers of Glen Park Lodge No. 732 were installed on February 2, 1949, with Brother Russell H. Huffington as Worshipful Master. The first Mason to be raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason was Robert S. Miles on February 21, 1949.

Glen Park Lodge continued to meet at the Red Room of the Gary Temple and soon after their formation started planning for a Lodge building of their own.

With the close of the period of Dispensation, an application for Charter for Glen Park Lodge U.D. was forwarded to the Grand Secretary, Most Worshipful Brother Dwight L. Smith, (PGM 1945-1946). On May 17, 1949, the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Indiana granted the Charter, and Glen Park Lodge No. 732, at Gary, Lake County, Indiana was born.

On the occasion of the Stated Meeting on January 3, 1950, Worshipful Brother Emereth Boyden, as Master, appointed a Committee to proceed with planning the raising of funds for construction of a Temple in Glen Park, and at that meeting Brothers Roy Montz and John Novotny made the initial contributions for this building, in the amounts of $25.00 each. It is of interest to note that Mrs. Emereth Boyden, wife of the Master, devoted her handiwork to the making of the aprons used in Glen Park Lodge for its earlier years.

On October 2, 1951, a set of sketches was presented, and this served as a goal for the lodge brothers. In 1959, a building site was purchased at 53rd and Harrison and Glen Park Lodge, which now had more than 400 members, began in earnest to raise funds for their new Temple.

In January 1952, Worshipful Brother, J. Edward Burton, announced that all brethren who desired to make contributions toward the new Temple fund that might do so, and this statement was repeated annually by ensuing

Masters over a number of years, with the fund growing slowly during this period.

On June 3, 1958, Worshipful Brother Owen Schoon, announced the intention to purchase a number of lots situated at the Northeast corner of the intersection of Harrison Street and 53rd Avenue. After discussion of the proposal it was approved and the site for the Temple was now a reality!

In January of 1960, at a special meeting of the membership called for this purpose, there was voted an assessment of $100.00 per member to raise funds toward the Temple construction. This was followed by a voluntary program for the purchase of non-interest bearing building “Shares” of Stock, at a value of $1.00, to be redeemable in the future at the discretion of the Lodge.

The 20-year mortgage loan secured by the Brethren of Glen Park Lodge was eventually retired seven years ahead of schedule, partly because of the various successful projects and fellowship events such as: smorgasbords, pancake breakfasts, and the ongoing paper drive.

In October 1967, bids were accepted for construction of a new Temple. Construction began and on September 17, 1968, on authority of Dr. Robert M. Seibel, Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons of the State of Indiana, the Charter of Glen Park Lodge No. 732 F.&A.M. came “home” to the new Masonic Temple.

On October 1, 1968, with attending members and officers seated on folding chairs, with a borrowed altar, and a bare concrete floor in the Hall, our first meeting was held in this building, and due gratitude was expressed to the Grand Architect of the Universe for His courage and guidance in our endeavors to that point.

On October 15, 1968, the first Entered Apprentice degree was conferred in the new Temple with Brother Alexander R. Taylor the candidate.

On October 22, 1968, Brother Fredrick C. Goodson was raised as the first Master Mason elevated to the Sublime Degree in our new home.

The following excerpt from the Formal Dedication of the Temple of Glen Park Lodge No. 732 on November 23, 1968, best describes the attitudes and beliefs, which motivated our predecessors in the construction of that beautiful structure:

“To all who have borne the title of Worshipful Master of Glen Park Lodge, and to all the Officers of the Line and Building Committees, and the membership of the Lodge, and every Brother, be he a member or visitor whose presence graced our halls on any occasion during the past twenty years! To these and the fact that their presence among us bore testimonial to their Faith in all our planning, our hopes and our dreams, we freely give the credit for this accomplishment!

“Pause not to ponder ‘credits’ – but hasten on – to challenge youth and men of the future, that they may find like faith, like courage, and even greater determination that this structure may be put to its proper use – implanting in the minds of men the beauties of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth! The work of the Craftsmen is no o’er – and our commission still lives – Build ye MEN in the mould of the MASTER, for it is this which is our greatest cause!”

The Mortgage Burning Ceremony was held on November 17, 1981, with Worshipful Brother Clay E. Langan leading the program with light refreshments in the Social Hall afterwards. The Lodge Trustees included five Past Masters: Herbert E. Levy, Samuel E. Gray, Richard W. Wierzba, George Nahod, Jr., and William N. Emerson.

For the next 30 years the Temple served as a meeting place for several groups with Masonic affiliation including White Shrine, Eastern Star, Demolay, and Job’s Daughters.

However, in 1998, it became apparent the social and economic changes in the area and the relocation of many of its members, that the Temple could no longer serve as a proper meeting place and the building was sold.

Now, through the Masonic kindness of Porter Lodge No. 137, Glen Park Lodge No. 732 holds their meetings in Valparaiso and is again planning the raising of a new Temple.



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