blood drive 0Porter Lodge 137, a cornerstone of our community, hosted a blood drive on Saturday, April 20th, with tremendous success and strong community backing.

The event, held at the lodge's premises, drew a significant number of volunteers, donors, and supporters, all uniting behind the noble cause of saving lives through blood donation.

Volunteers from Porter Lodge 137 worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of the event, from setting up donation stations to providing refreshments for donors. Their dedication and commitment were evident throughout the two days.

The community's response was overwhelming, with people from various backgrounds coming forward to donate blood. Their generosity and eagerness to contribute to the well-being of others highlighted the spirit of compassion and unity that characterizes our community.

"We are thrilled with the turnout and the support we received from the community," said one of the organizers of this humanitarian event. "Every donation we collected has the potential to save lives, and we are grateful to everyone who participated."

The blood drive not only provided a crucial resource for hospitals and patients but also served as a reminder of the importance of giving back to the community. It stood as a testament to the power of collective action in making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Porter Lodge 137 extends its sincere thanks to all the donors, volunteers, and supporters who contributed to the success of the blood drive. Their generosity and spirit of giving have undoubtedly made a significant difference in the lives of many.

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